Stress Management

Stress is an inevitable part of the working process. Innovations, pursuit of results, meeting deadlines, fulfilling chalanging obligations can be sources of pressure and lead to fatigue and exhaustion among the employees. Work-related stress can have negative impact not only on the professional performance of the individuals but also on their personal and social life. 
Our training is based on the contemporary theory of cognitive-behavioral psychology and aim to help participants to
  • recognize the symptoms of the stress both in themselves and in their colegues and family; 
  • assimilate useful techniques for stress management; 
  • learn how to use them in the workplace; 
  • practice what they learned in different roleplays and tasks. 
Our training includes the following topics:  
  • What is stress and which are its symptoms? 
  • Filling a questionnaire and discussing the results. 
  • Effective time management and prioritizing. Time management techniques. 
  • Emotional intelligence. Plays for development of sensitivity. 
  • Leisure time management. Relaxation techniques. 
Suitable for: Leaders, teamleaders, employees on key expert positions. 
Duration: 1 day 
Optimal number of participants: 6 - 12
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