Work with difficult clients

What is “Amygdala hijack“? What happens in our brain and what is the mechanism which is activated when we feel threatened? Can we recognize these emotional states in our "difficult" clients and react adequately? Can we soothe these clients and serve them professionaly? This training is designed to answer all these questions and to give participants an opportunity to practice their skills as well as to receive feedback and recommendations. 
Participants will learn:
  • to recognise different types of "difficult" clients and their distinctive reactions; 
  • how to explain their behavior; 
  • how to cope with your own emotions and react adequately and professionally; 
  • to practice your skills and what you leared in your workplace . 
The training contains 2 modules
Module 1 - Theoretical part 
Module 2 - Practical part - practicing in real working situations in the presence of a trainer; receiving feedback and recommendations. 
Suitable for: employees working with clients (call centers, sales, etc.)  
Optimal number of participants
Module 1 - up to 12 participants. 
Module 2 - individually. 
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What our clients say about us

The project for assessment of potential for development of employees on high and middle management positions was finilized within the agreed deadlines and the quality we expected. We would readily benefit from their services again and recommend them to other companies.
Margret Barzachka - Nikolova,
HR Director Actavis
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