Assessment of Psychological Suitability to Work in High-Risk Professions (Selector Pro 2)

Selector Pro 2 is the first and only instrument in Bulgaria especially designed to be used in selection for high-risk professions. Category includes professions, such as security guards, law enforcement, power plant workers, army, air force and navy personnel, people with access to classified information, passenger transportation, air traffic control, etc. 
This is an instrument that is suitable not only for the mandatory negative screening, but also allows positive selection of candidates. 
  • aggressiveness; 
  • weakness of inhibitions – tendency towards antisocial actions, taking reckless risks, and abnormal impulsiveness;
  • abnormal style – presence of symptoms typical for serious mental disorders;
  • troubled relationships with loved ones; 
  • dependencies – tendency towards alcohol and/or drug dependency; 
  • suicidal ideation; 
  • dominance; 
  • work style; 
  • life style. 
Useful for: 
  • candidate selection;  
  • assessment of the psychological suitability for high-risk professions;
  • screening.  
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