360-degree feedback instrument (360)

360 is an instrument which aims to help managers improve their performance and abilities while aligning their personal perceptions of themselves with those of their colleagues in order to better meet the strategic goals of the organization. This is achieved by gathering evaluations from multiple sources (managers, peers, subordinates and clients and comparing these ratings with the target manager's self-ratings.
  • strategic orientation;
  • vision of the market;
  • results orientation;
  • leadership;
  • effective relationships;
  • effective communication;
  • professional behavior;
  • focus on the client;
  • change management and innovations;
  • team management;
  • employee development.
OS 360 could be modified according to your company’s needs through adjustment of the evaluated competencies.  
Useful for: 
  • employee development programs;
  • assessment of a wide range of competencies. 
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What our clients say about us

These highly qualified professionals managed to gain the trust of our management team while working on a competency model development project for all positions in Gopet Trans offices in Bulgaria, Romania, and Poland. Extremely conscientious and reliable partner.
Svetlana Bovianski,
HR Manager Gopet Trans
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