Prometriks 360 CUSTOMIZED

You considered PROMETRIKS 360 BASIC and PROMETRIKS 360 SILVERbut you would like to change or add some competencies and others - to remove completely? We can assist you.
PROMETRIKS 360 CUSTOMIZED is based on a chosen by you PROMETRIKS 360 tool and it is specially modified to meet your needs and goals. It enables:
  • change in the assessed competencies and behaviors
  • add/change assessment groups
  • adding an unlimited number of open-ended questions
  • assessment in Bulgarian and English
  • customization of invitations and messages to participants


Prometriks 360 CUSTOMIZED is assessed online through Assessia
Contact us at or +359877839949 for more information and price offers. 

What our clients say about us

The overall organization was flawless, and working with the team - precise and useful. We wouldn't hesitate to use their servuces again and/or to recommend them to other companies as during the time we worked together, we managed to establish relationships of trust, teamwork, and safisfaction from a job well done.
Svetlana Grigorova,
Manager Employee Selection, Performance and Development CIBANK
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