The Leadership Judgement Indicator (LJI)

The Leadership Judgement Indicator was specifically created to measure the level of ‘leadership wisdom’. 
Composed from 16 different decision-making scenarios, it requires the respondent to rate the appropriateness of various courses of action in responding to each challenge. The responses are scored for correctness in terms of achieving desirable business outcomes in specific situations. 
  • maturity of the leadership judgement; 
  • preference for one or another leadership style;
  • ability to use different leadership styles in accordance with the situation. 
Useful for: 
  • candidate selection for leadership positions; 
  • leaders development. 
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These highly qualified professionals managed to gain the trust of our management team while working on a competency model development project for all positions in Gopet Trans offices in Bulgaria, Romania, and Poland. Extremely conscientious and reliable partner.
Svetlana Bovianski,
HR Manager Gopet Trans
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