Test of Attention

Attention test is related to the processing of external visual stimuli. 
  • speed or amount of work, i. e. the number of stimuli processed per unit of time (the aspect of activation);
  • quality of work, i. e. the degree of accuracy that is inversely proportional to the level of errors (the aspect of control);
  • the relation between speed and accuracy of performance that allows you to draw conclusions on the work behavior - initial activity, stability and consistency, fatigue, sustainability, and selectivity efficiency. 
Useful for: 
  • assessment of the aptitude for various professions where the attention for detail and attention as a whole is very important (professional driver, accountant, editor, etc);
  • assessment of employees in manufacturing; especially if the working process involves work with machinery and conveyor;
  • in sport psychology during the evaluation of the potential and current condition of athletes. 
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