Leadership Style Assessment (LSA)

Leadership Style Assessment (LSA) is an objective situational judgment test assessing the leadership styles which managers use. It is based on the Full Range Leadership Model (FRLM) introduced in 1991 by Bruce Avolio and Bernard Bass. LSA allows the discovery of the so-called “transformational” leaders within organizations- the ones who do not only create a clear and inspiring vision for the future but also possess great charisma that attracts and motivates their followers. The LSA provides an objective, reliable and valid assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of leaders and clearly shows their areas for development.
LSA can be used for:
  • Selection for managerial positions
  • Promoting employees to manager positions
  • Development programs
  • Succession planning
What does LSA measure?

LSA assesses:

Lack of leadership:

  • Laissez-faire – Passive leadership style where the leader has a hands-off approach to management, behaves as if nothing depends on him, avoids responsibility and allows subordinates to make the important decisions.

Transactional leadership: 

  • Problem intervention - a tendency to transfer responsibility for mistakes or failures to subordinates.
  • Control-oriented approach - focusing on the control for compliance with procedures, rules, technological processes, etc.
  • Use of rewards- by achieving goals, employees receive additional remuneration/ monetary compensation.

Transformational leadership:

  • Motivating through inspiring vision - developing and communicating a vision for the future that motivates employees to perform/ carry out their duties to the best of their ability.
  • Being a role model - flawless behavior in both ethical and professional terms. The leader acts as a strong role model for their organization and leads by example.
  • Intellectual stimulation – the ability to enhance creativity, innovative thinking, critical judgment, and analytical skills of followers.
  • Individual approach and development - true willingness to support and develop employees.

​What does LSA consist of?
The LSA contains 8 problematic situations in which the respondent is placed in the role of a leader who has to make an important decision. For each situation, there are 8 possible reactions that are suggested, corresponding to the FRML leadership styles.

​Why should you choose LSA?


  • Identifies current and future leaders who will be effective in their position
  • Highlights areas for leadership development
  • Provides information on the possession of qualities that contribute to the long-term success of the company


The test is administered through Assessia and takes about 30 minutes. 
Languages: Bulgarian

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