Leadership Style Assessment (LSA)

Leadership Style Assessment (LSA) is an objective situational judgment test assessing the leadership styles managers use. It is based on the Full Range of Leadership Model and is available in two versions - self-evaluation and self-other comparison with colleagues, direct reports, etc. 
LSA provides information on how often the individual employs 8 transformational, transactional and laissez-faire leadership styles: 
  • Inspiring Motivation - to motivate and inspire others by providing chalange and sense of purpose to their work; to articulate clear vision and expectations for the future and demonstrate commitment, enthusiasm and ability to point out the positive
  • Intellectual Stimulation - to stimulate your followers to be innovative and creative by challangeing their assumptions and soliciting new ideas; to involve them in the decision-making process and help them see the big picture; 
  • Individual Appreciation - to pay special attention to each individual's needs for growth and achievement; to act as a coach or mentor and help them to unleash their full potential;
  • Charismatic Behavior - to be a role model for your followers, someone who they want to emulate; to demonstrate high standarts in ehitcal and moral conduct and practice what you preach as values; 
  • Performance-based Reward - to clarify the roles, responsibilities, assignments and how they are expected to be completed, to reward the followers who meet the expectations and have satisfying results; 
  • Active Control - to actively monitor deviances from standards and mistakes, to foresee possible complications and problems and take corrective actions as necessary; 
  • Intervention in Case of Need - to wait for deviances and mistakes to occur and then take corrective actions
  • Laissez-faire - to give your followers full autonomy and responsibility for problem resolution. 
Suitable for: 
  • Selection for managerial positions 
  • Talent identification 
  • Development programs 
  • Assessment Centers
*LSA is in the process of adaptation. 
Original Publication: Hogrefe Verlag GmbH & Co.Kg 
Bulgarian Publication: Prometriks Ltd. 
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