Outplacement services

Outplacement provides former employees structure and guidance towards their new career option, and preserves the morale of those who remain in the company who see that colleagues are given the necessary support when they leave the team.
Outplacement workshops 
We work closely with the HR department to tailor the workshops to the particular needs of the leavers.  The sessions typically include the following areas: 
  • managing career transition; 
  • CV and motivation letter preparation; 
  • creating an on-line presence; 
  • interview and networking skills; 
  • organizing job search.
One-to-one session
We provide appointments for staff to have a one-to-one session with a career coach to discuss areas of particular relevance to them. This session can be used as a follow-on from the workshop or as a stand-alone facility. It helps individuals answer the question “what about me and my particular circumstances”.
The additional evaluation of employee strengths and probable areas for development could be done by:
  • psychological tests;
  • 360-degree feedback collection. 
Our outplacement services provide practical and emotional support that is needed to help people assessing their career capital, key skills, experience and move into new appropriate role as quickly as possible.
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What our clients say about us

They answered and even exceeded our expectations while completing professionally, properly, and responsibly each step of the project. Remained available and readily shared they knowledge, experience, and expertise so that the project can progress smoothly and efficiently. We recommend them as a reliable partner to everyone who needs a high quality solution in the area of competency assessment with development purposes.
Biser Bogdanov,
HR Manager Ficosota
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