Numerical Reasoning Test (NRT)

Numerical Reasoning Test examines the ability to evaluate, analyze and interpret numerical information presented in the form of graphs and tables. It is suitable for the assessment of job candidates for or already hired employees on positions that require good analytical skills for the interpretation and synthesis of quantitative data. 
NRT can be used for:
  • Employee selection for roles that require an understanding of and ability to interpret quantitative data
  • Identification of talents in the field of finance, accounting, sales, banking, transport, telecommunications, tourism, etc.
What does NRT measure?

NRT evaluates arithmetic thinking or the ability to analyze and process numerical data, which determines:

  • Analytical skills required for the interpretation of statistical, financial or numerical information
  • Mathematical skills
  • Ability to analyze correlations and detect logical regularities between quantitative data

​What does NRT consist of?
NRT consists of 16 tasks. Each task presents quantitative information in tables or graphs. The data must be analyzed and the correct solution to the problem must be found. The time to complete the test is limited.

​Why should you choose NRT?

  • Easily identify employees who have a good ability to work with numerical information
  • Allows an accurately assess the skills of individuals to solve new or unknown problems

The test is administered through Assessia and takes about 30 minutes. 
Languages: Bulgarian, English

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