Test of Attention

Attention test measures selective attention and concentration stability over time. It is suitable for the assessment of job applicants and employees whose work involves visual inspection and quality control of various products as well as for various professional roles which require a high level of attention and concentration (e.g. professional drivers, engine drivers, air traffic controllers, instrumentation technicians, A technicians, etc.) 
Attention test can be used for:
  • Psychological assessment of drivers
  • Recruitment of workers performing visual quality control in the electronics, pharmaceutical industry, and others. 
  • Assessment of the effect of different medications on attention and driving ability
What does Attention test measure?
  • Visual processing speed
  • Ability to distinguish between similar visual stimuli
  • Willingness to follow rules

​What does Attention test consist of?
Attention test involves a series of rows of stimulus elements that require visual inspection and material processing by applying simple selection and classification rules. Tasks require speed, accuracy, and stability of attention and concentration.

​Why should you choose Attention test?

Identifies candidates who:

  • quickly and accurately process visual information 
  • easily detect errors and inaccuracies
  • are careful and precise

The administration of the test takes about 10 minutes.
Languages: Bulgarian

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