Abstract Reasoning Test

Abstract Reasoning Test is an assessment tool that explores an individual’ ability to logically analyze and solve common IT, electronics, and computer science problems. Each task requires the test taker to make a comparison between the input and output data of a given system and to identify the operations that have led to the observed differences. It is suitable for assessing the analytical skills of computer and software engineers, application developers, diagnosticians, and electronic installers, etc.
ART can be used for:
  • Recruiting for technical and engineering positions in the field of information technology, communications, electronics, and automotive industry
  • Identification of talents in the above-mentioned areas as well as the sectors of the economy
  • Conducting development and succession planning programs
What does ART measure?

Abstract-logical thinking is an important determinant of:

  • Ability to form logical relationships and apply deductive reasoning
  • Strategic thinking
  • Analytical, rational, and objective personalities

​What does ART consist of?
ART includes a total of 16 tasks. Each task involves 4 figures with 4 tasks for each of them. The figures change under the influence of different symbols and the aim of the test taker is to identify the exact change caused by the different symbols. Each task has only one correct answer. The time to complete the test is limited.

​Why should you choose ART?

Identifies candidates who:

  • have good skills for tracing logical connections
  • detect errors in arrays of information faster
  • easily deal with new and unfamiliar problems

The test is administered through Assessia and takes about 35 minutes. 
Languages: Bulgarian, English

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