360 Assessia

Online 360-Degree Feedback Platform

360 ASSESSIA –  the first Bulgarian platform for 360-degree feedback, that we at Prometriks created so that you have full control over the process – from developing questionnaires to generating reports.

360 ASSESSIA is the result of our 20-year experience in conducting 360-degree assessments for companies in Bulgaria. From micro projects that assess one manager to large-scale evaluations with hundreds of participants – we know every step and understand what you need for your project to be successful. We also know that you will find it all in 360 ASSESSIA.

360 ASSESSIA provides:

  • access to the platform from any device connected to the internet for both the project managers and the participants
  • possibility to create bilingual questionnaires (in Bulgarian and in English)
  • full automation of sending invitations and reminders
  • up-to-date reports on projects on your dashboard
  • access to complete questionnaires with proven efficiency and the opportunity to create fully customized tools of your own
  • easy and intuitive management of parallel projects
  • reports that generate instantly with the click of a button

With 360 ​​ASSESSIA you save time and effort by managing your 360-degree assessment projects flexibly and completely independently. Meanwhile we are always there to help you with care, expertise, and high ethics.

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What our clients say about us

They answered and even exceeded our expectations while completing professionally, properly, and responsibly each step of the project. Remained available and readily shared they knowledge, experience, and expertise so that the project can progress smoothly and efficiently. We recommend them as a reliable partner to everyone who needs a high quality solution in the area of competency assessment with development purposes.
Biser Bogdanov,
HR Manager Ficosota
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