Loyalty and Integrity

"84% of the employees admit to misusing company information, property, working hours." - Slora, 1991 

Integrity is our personal code of conduct, according to which we act irrespective of the circumstances, consequences, external pressure, or personal gain. It is one of the most important but also one of the most underestimated qualities sought in employees.
The goal of each company is to form the best team, but what happens next? Poor selection can lead to fluidity, leaked company information, sabotage, theft, etc. Company policy must include prevention because fraudsters are everywhere. It is your job to avoid them, and ours - to give you the most accurate tools for the purpose! 
Our solutions for integrity and loyalty assessment are:
  • Integrity Check Assessment of integrity and loyalty of lower-level employees
  • I-C Quest - Assessment of integrity of English-speaking EU citizen
  • DARK FOUR 2.0 Assessment of counterproductive work behavior of managers

If you would like to receive more specific information, please contact us at hr@prometriks.com or +359877839949.

What our clients say about us

These highly qualified professionals managed to gain the trust of our management team while working on a competency model development project for all positions in Gopet Trans offices in Bulgaria, Romania, and Poland. Extremely conscientious and reliable partner.
Svetlana Bovianski,
HR Manager Gopet Trans
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