Team Focus

Team assessment

Team Focus examines the team climate, teamwork, and effectiveness of different types of teams. This allows quick diagnostics of the possible causes of problems, identifies the strengths and areas of development of the team and provides intervention measures and solutions.
What will you receive?
  • Identification of hidden problems or barriers preventing 
  • Reliable assessment of the team's relationship
  • Opportunity for benchmarking with different categories of teams - sales, production, development, management, etc.
  • Provides clear measures for intervention in case problems are found
  • Anonymous feedback on the work from each team member
Team Focus is administered online through Assessia and takes about 10 minutes.  
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What our clients say about us

Professionalism. Client-oriented solutions. Precision. With these three words I would like to describe the team providing HR consulting services.
Nina Popova,
HR Manager Pension Insurance Company DSK-Rodina AD
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