Sales & Customer Service

"To me, job titles don’t matter.  Everyone has to be thinking about sales.  It’s the only way any company can stay in business." 
- Harvey Mackay
Is an individual sales-oriented and always looking for a way to find new clients and markets? Does this person like customer service positions and does he have the patience and persistencе to do embrace it? Is he motivated by building long-term relationships with people?
These are some of the important questions that sales team leaders face, and the answers are highly dependent on the specific sales process in the company and the products or services it provides.
The following tools can help you to find the answers:
  • PASAT 2000 - Identify the Talent in Sales 
  • VRT - Verbal Reasoning Test 

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What our clients say about us

These highly qualified professionals managed to gain the trust of our management team while working on a competency model development project for all positions in Gopet Trans offices in Bulgaria, Romania, and Poland. Extremely conscientious and reliable partner.
Svetlana Bovianski,
HR Manager Gopet Trans
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