High-risk Professions

​Working in a high-risk environment requires a very careful staff selection to eliminate those who would not be able to work effectively in extreme conditions. These conditions imply high levels of stress, constant vigilance, responsibility for the lives and well-being of others, handling confidential information, etc. In such a situation, it is necessary to examine the psychological compatibility of the person with а particular position. 
The consequences in high-risk professions can be unexpected and fatal. 
On such a position the employee is required to possess a wide range of personal characteristics, such as:
  • Emotional stability
  • Resistance to stress
  • Impulse control
  • Loyalty
  • Compliance with rules and more

We can help you evaluate the suitability, as well as the risk of professional burnout, with our scientifically proven tools that we have created specifically for Bulgaria:
  • Selector Pro 2 - assessment of psychological suitability to work in high-risk professions 
  • Burnout-R - assessment of Burnout Syndrome
  • Integrity Check & Dark Four - assessment of loyalty, integrity, and risk of counterproductive behavior
If you would like to receive more specific information, please contact us at hr@prometriks.com or +359877839949.

What our clients say about us

They answered and even exceeded our expectations while completing professionally, properly, and responsibly each step of the project. Remained available and readily shared they knowledge, experience, and expertise so that the project can progress smoothly and efficiently. We recommend them as a reliable partner to everyone who needs a high quality solution in the area of competency assessment with development purposes.
Biser Bogdanov,
HR Manager Ficosota
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