Leadership & Motivation

"Offices with more engaged and motivated employees are 43% more productive than the others." - Brandon Gaille, 2017.
Motivation and strive for continuous improvement of leadership skills are essential for managers and people in executive positions.
Often, when deciding who to lead a team, we are faced with questions such as:
  • Will our colleague, who has achieved high professionalism in his work, be able to take on the responsibility to lead the team?
  • Which of the candidates is most appropriate for a leadership position?
  • What motivates him, what skills should he develop in order to be more successful in his leadership role, and what is the most appropriate way to do this?

The answers are important and the decisions are difficult and responsible because an "unsuitable" manager leads to losses for the company. We can help you with an external objective assessment in order to distinguish the right candidate and make a more informed decision. For this purpose, we use a set of professional tests:

For the development of leadership skills we can also help with the services:


If you would like to receive more specific information, please contact us at hr@prometriks.com or +359877839949.

What our clients say about us

The overall organization was flawless, and working with the team - precise and useful. We wouldn't hesitate to use their servuces again and/or to recommend them to other companies as during the time we worked together, we managed to establish relationships of trust, teamwork, and safisfaction from a job well done.
Svetlana Grigorova,
Manager Employee Selection, Performance and Development CIBANK
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