Assessment of Burnout Syndrome (Burnout-R)

Burnout-R is a tool for assessing occupational burnout syndrome, based on the three-component model introduced by Christina Maslach - emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and reduced feelings of work-related personal accomplishment. The syndrome often affects professionals who care for or provide services to others such as doctors, nurses, teachers, social workers, employees engaged in customer service, etc.
Burnout-R can be used for:
  • Assessment of stress and workload in the workplace.
  • Identification of employees at risk of burnout.
  • Training needs analysis.
  • Improving stress management

​What does Burnout-R consist of?
Burnout-Q involves 24 statements. The test taker must indicate the frequency of experiencing different feelings in the workplace within the last year described in each statement.

​Why should you choose Burnout-R?

  • Accident prevention in the workplace
  • Increasing security in the implementation of high-risk activities
  • Supports OSHA duties

The test is administered through Assessia and takes about 40 minutes. 
Languages: Bulgarian, Russian, Macedonian, Albanian

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