Assessment of Psychological Suitability to Work in High-Risk Professions (Selector Pro 2)

Selector Pro 2 is a standardized tool for assessing psychological suitability of candidates for high-risk occupations such as public transport driver, train driver, air traffic controller, pilot, reactor operator at a nuclear power plant, armed guard, policeman, military personnel, etc.
Selector Pro 2 can be used for:
  • Employee selection for high-risk jobs
  • Assessment of the psychological suitability of candidates for high-risk occupations

​What does Selector Pro 2 consist of?
Selector Pro 2 involves a total of 139 statements. The test takers assess to what extent each statement is relevant to them.

​Why should you choose Selector Pro 2?

  • Accident prevention in the workplace
  • Increasing security in the implementation of high-risk activities
  • Supports OSHA duties

The test is administered through Assessia and takes about 40 minutes. 
Languages: Bulgarian, Russian, Macedonian, Albanian

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