Introducing 360 Assessia - The first Bulgarian platform for 360-degree feedback!

Introducing 360 Assessia - The first Bulgarian platform for 360-degree feedback!

360 Degrees Feedback is a powerful tool for improving work performance. During the process, a participant’s behavior at work is assessed by the key competencies for the position from different points of view - self-assessment, assessment by a direct manager, colleagues, subordinates and / or clients. This comprehensive and in-depth assessment provides an opportunity to identify strengths and areas for improvement and to set specific goals in the development plan.

360 Assessia is specially created for independent use by HR and Learning & Development specialists in the companies when conducting projects for 360-degree assessment. The platform provides full control over the process and exceptional flexibility to the project leader, such as:

  • Freedom in choosing a questionnaire. Using an appropriate 360-degree assessment questionnaire is a key part of a successful 360-degree feedback project. In 360 Assessia you have access to the approved questionnaires of Prometriks - 360 Basic (measures 6 competencies: Strategic Thinking, Planning and Organizing, Results Orientation, Leadership, Teamwork and Effective Communication) and 360 Advanced (measures 9 competencies - to those of 360 Basic are added Market Vision, Change Management and Customer Focus). You can also create a new, fully customized questionnaire or upload to the platform a ready-made questionnaire, which is already used in the company for 360-degree assessment.
  • Automatic sending of invites and reminders. When setting up your project for 360-degree feedback, 360 Assessia sends all the necessary invitations and reminders to the participants on the set dates without the need for additional actions on your part.
  • Real time reports for the project status and one-click generation of reports.  Throughout the project you can see the current status of fillings. When you have all the necessary data, you can generate a 360-degree assessment report for each participant. 360 Assessia allows you to generate reports in Bulgarian and English.

You are interested in 360 Assessia? Learn more at the official presentation of the platform!

It will be held online, on October 5, 2021, from 16.00. The event is completely free, but requires pre-registration HERE.

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