Job Fit Quest has a new interactive report

Job Fit Quest has a new interactive report

Starting on March 20, 2021 the report of Job Fit Quest will have a new interactive design. Clicking on the main graph will take you to the interpretation of the desired scale and choosing the scale name will take you back to the overall picture. That allows specialists to view and interpret the results at their own convinience. Additional resources can be found at the end of the report and in the Tests section of the specialist profile in Assessia.

Job Fit Quest is available both in English and Bulgarian both as administration and report.

We would like to also remind you of the opportunity to send the assessee feedback report upon completion of the questionnaire. It is free and would satisfy the assessee desire to receive information on his/her results without taking the time of the specialist. Providing feedback demonstrates concern for people and increases trust in the employer brand. 

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