Talent Identification and Development

​Our talent development process is specifically designed to help employees
achieve the best they are capable of.

The development of employee and manager potential is a process that requires consistency, focus, and perseverance. The specifics of each activity in various organizational contexts require that the advancement of knowledge, skills, and competencies is considered a continuous process of development.
Guidelines for employees’ personal and professional development are based on
  • Results from 360-degree feedback on work performance; 
  • Objective and thorough analysis of personality and intellectual skills; 
  • Comprehensive interview with a psychologist - professional in the field of employee evaluation.
This service is specifically designed for employees with high potential and those already in management positions who still find managing people a challenge.
As a result of this service you will:
  • Increase the efficiency of managers; 
  • Receive objective information about how they can contribute more to the success of your organization; 
  • Give your managers the opportunity to see how others perceive their actions and work style; 
  • Help evaluated employees quickly to grow personally and professionally. 

The assessment of work performance and potential is completed in 5 stages
  • Assessment of the employee potential; 
  • Evaluation of work performance; 
  • Feedback; 
  • Individual Development Plan; 
  • Mentoring. 
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What our clients say about us

The overall organization was flawless, and working with the team - precise and useful. We wouldn't hesitate to use their servuces again and/or to recommend them to other companies as during the time we worked together, we managed to establish relationships of trust, teamwork, and safisfaction from a job well done.
Svetlana Grigorova,
Manager Employee Selection, Performance and Development CIBANK
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