Personality assessment at work (NEO-PI-3)

NEO-PI-3 is the latest version of the world's most popular personality assessment test (NEO PI-R), based on the Big Five concept. These are five factors that determine our behavior in a wide range of situations, including work. The test is adapted and standardized for Bulgaria.
NEO-PI-3 is the gold standard in assessment and it is guaranteed to improve decisions such as:
  • Professional job applicants selection and screening process
  • Talent discovery programs
  • Conduct successful development programs
  • Part of a Development Center for a more complete picture of the individual
The test is administered online through Assessia and takes about 45 minutes.  
Language: Bulgarian

For more information and price offers, please contact us at or +359877839949.


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What our clients say about us

The project for assessment of potential for development of employees on high and middle management positions was finilized within the agreed deadlines and the quality we expected. We would readily benefit from their services again and recommend them to other companies.
Margret Barzachka - Nikolova,
HR Director Actavis
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