I-C Quest

Assessment of Integrity and Loyalty

I-C Quest is an objective tool for checking the level of honesty, loyalty, and discipline of job candidates and current employees. It can be used to assess all English-speaking EU citizens. The test is based on Integrity Check and can used to assess foreigners on the territory of Bulgaria and employees in international companies on the territory of Europe.


I-C Quest measures the level of moral maturity and the personal attitudes to comply with social and organizational rules. It can be used as a means of preventing theft, abuse, fraud and other types of counterproductive behavior in the workplace.

When can it be used? 
  • Selection of job candidates for lower level positions (for managerial positions, use DARK FOUR 2.0)
  • Programs and measures to improve employee loyalty
  • Screening and prevention of theft and abuse in the workplace
What does it measure? 
  • Compying with Rules and Regulations
  • Honesty
  • Unlikelihood to Commit Theft and Embezzlement
  • Work Motivation
  • Self-Assessment
  • Discipline
  • Respect toward Authorities
  • Acceptance
  • Lack of Past Counterproductive Behaviors
  • Expectations about Other People's Behavior
  • Attitudes toward Work and the Rules


What does it look like? 

I-C Quest has 4 sections and contains questions about past behaviors, work attitudes and ethical dilemmas. The questionnaire reports insincere answering.

Why should I choose I-C Quest?

  • Reduces the risk of company losses due to theft or abuse

  • Reduces the risk of aggression and conflict

  • Identifies people who would likely stay long-term with the company


I-C Quest in administered online through Assessia and takes 30-40 minutes to compete. 

Languages of completion and report: Bulgarian, English



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