Personality assessment (NEO-FFI-3)

NEO-FFI-3 is an assessment tool that explores the five main dimensions of personality, known as the “Big Five” in contemporary psychology- conscientiousness, neuroticism, extraversion, agreeableness and openness to a new experience. NEO-FFI-3 is the low-priced solution for the extended personality questionnaire NEO-PI-3 and it allows quicker completion of the questionnaire. It is suitable for assessing individuals in organizations regardless of their position, but it is also recommended in various situations where it is not justified, appropriate or possible to use the standard version of the test such as in team building events, development and assessment centers, assessment of development progress or evaluation of training effectiveness.
NEO-FFI-3 can be used for:
  • Personnel selection
  • Identification of talents in executive positions 


  • As part of team building events or development centers
  • To assess development progress or evaluate training effectiveness
  • For analysis of training needs


What does NEO-FFI-3 measure?

NEO-FFI-3 evaluates the five factors of the “Big Five” and the various combinations of them.

  • Conscientiousness
  • Neuroticism
  • Extraversion
  • Agreeableness
  • Openness to experience

​What does NEO-FFI-3 consist of?
NEO-FFI-3 contains 60 statements. The test taker must indicate the extent to which each statement is relevant to him/ her.

​Why should you choose NEO-FFI-3?

  • Offers a very good balance between economy and usefulness of the information it provides
  • Provides clear, reliable and valid data
  • Can be used in cases where time constraints are decisive (eg as part of a team building, development center, etc.)
  • Specially adapted, standardized and standardized for Bulgaria on the basis of a very large and nationally representative sample

The test is administered through Assessia and takes about 15 minutes. 
Languages: Bulgarian

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Original publisher: PAR
Bulgarian adaptation: Prometriks

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